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Magical Willow Branch Lights

Magical Willow Branch Lights

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Magical Willow branch lights


Bring a little magic and ambiance to your environment with these stunning Magical Willow Branch Lights. Crafted with PVC brown shells the edition of 20 warm white or white LED lights preserves a natural willow branch-like look. With a wire length of 75cm, they can be used on any occasion such as Christmas, holidays, weddings, parties, or even home decorations. 


Amaze everyone with the new Magical Willow Branch Lights – it’s time to welcome sustainability! With the help of two AA batteries (No. 5), these lights offer an eco-friendly lighting solution that doesn't compromise on durability. Brighten up your area with the kind of comfort that these lights are fashionable with the world’s environmental conservation.


Transform your rooms with these Magical Willow Branch Lights to feel the liberty of cordless lighting. Measuring 3V and with the use of 2 AA batteries with type No. 5, the lines are free from portability and have easy mobility convenience flexibility. If for use to hang on the Christmas tree for lighting it, for giving a touch of light to your party, or as a wedding occasion to brighten the outdoor area.


This flexibility of wire structure lets you bend them in any way possible and in any manner that you fancy them to be crafted, on your own or along with other forms of ornaments. They have a waterproof feature IP42 and we can therefore use them both indoors and outside giving us more areas to explore what we can do with them.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We believe that you will also be impressed by the Magical Willow Branch Lights that we propose here. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you should take the opportunity to read about the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee offered by our company. In any case, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and be qualified for a refund of your deposit.

Go and buy one now and enhance your living space with the Magical Willow Branch Lights

Product sell points

High Brightness:

Beneath the Magical Willow Branch Lights shower your surroundings with sparks of bright and enthusiastic light. These lights contain 20 LEDs, which are capable of providing steady-on mode as well as high brightness 

Brand Quality: 

Mention about the highly reputable Magical Willow Branch Lights to create confidence in the quality and reliability of the product. Made from PVC brown shells.

Excellent Item: 

Elevate your decor with the Magical Willow Branch Lights, a must-have light that is essential for Christmas, holidays, weddings, parties, and many more. These lights are perfect because they are natural and have an environmentally friendly design, do not require any wires, and the wire of the light can be changed and rearranged to fit any area or event.




Wire Length


LED lights number


Power Source

2 *AA batteries No. 5 

IP Rate

waterproof IP42


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