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Pine Tree Lamp

Pine Tree Lamp

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Pine Tree Lamp

Pine Tree Lamp – an incredibly beautiful and inventive lighting fixture that makes nature come alive in your home. Perfect for festive occasions or as a year-round decor piece, the Tree Lamp harmoniously combines aesthetics with functionality.


With a trim look that resembles the Pine needles or the birch design, the Pine Tree Lamp resembles a snow-filled tree that brings the endearing, impressive blend to any room.


Assembled with a dimmer switch, tree lamps enable users to adjust the lighting to a soft pleasant light to a brighter light depending on the occasion.


A product design at its finest, The Lamp is visually pleasing to the eyes, uses energy-efficient LED light, and has provided you with the product’s aesthetics for many years.


The Pine Lamp uses 3 AA batteries and this gives it the feature of being portable because a user can place it anywhere in the house without having to look for power sockets.


The bendable branches of the Lamp enable you to shape and style it as you wish, offering a customizable touch that can be adjusted to fit your decorative vision.

 The Lamp is not only a simple light that is used in illumination but rather an artsy accessory that is used to bring relaxation and elegance to a living space. As a gift or as a decoration, the Pine Tree Lamp creates a beautiful ambiance of a resting place in a home. It’s time to become even closer to nature.

Product sell points

Hassle-Free Cordless Operation 

Functionality is explicitly evident in the Pine Tree Lamp as the product only needs 3 AA batteries which are not included in the packaging. Choose your preferred brightness and benefit from the mobility of a cord-free design, meaning that you may place the lamp wherever you want in your house and add a touch of sophistication to your environment.

Peaceful and Inviting Ambiance

The Lamp includes snow-covered branches and warm white LED lights, this lamp brings great comfort and brings positive, warm emotions to any room. Whether you wish for a dim, sensual light or a bright, and comfortable light.

Adjustable Bendable Branches 

The pine tree Lamp brings the beauty of nature indoors with its bendable branches. The Tree Lamp is fit to suit for any setting whether one desires the traditional tree-like structure or prefers an arrangement complementing the decor.



50-60 cm/19.69-23.62 inch

Total LED bulbs

50 LEDs

LED Color

Warm White

Power Mode

3 AA battery


4.5 V


0-5 W

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